NME spy sees footage from the most anticipated box set of the year…

The long-awaited Nirvana box set ‘WITH THE LIGHTS OUT’ will feature 68 previously unreleased recordings.

Released on November 22, the four-disc set will feature 81 tracks including 68 previously unreleased recordings – rehearsals, outtakes, Kurt’s home demos, as well as a DVD which is confirmed to have unreleased band home movies, live footage, rehearsal footage and 20 full-length video performances. A 60-page booklet will accompany the release.

The title is a reference to a lyric in ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

A source told NME.COM: “I’ve seen some of the footage and it’s amazing stuff. There’s a video of them performing at a friend’s party with Kurt reading lyrics off a sheet of paper on the wall, footage of them covering ‘Seasons In The Sun’ in a studio with Kurt on drums and lots of other great stuff.”

The artwork for the set is currently being put together, with the likely choice being a ‘landscape’ box, retailing in the region of £40-50.