Krist Novoselic won't be the next Washingtonstate lieutenant governor - but he'll still be politically active...

KRIST NOVOSELIC, former bassist withNIRVANA, has decided not to run for WASHINGTON state lieutenant governor, but insists he will continue to be politically active.

As previously reported on NME.COM Novoselic announced plans in November to run against Lt Gov Brad Owen, also a Democrat, for the post. “I found out firsthand that it’s really considered bad form to run against an incumbent of your own party,” said Novoselic.

However, Novolselic didn’t believe this to be a bad thing. “I think every incumbent should be challenged,” he said to Billboard. “Competition serves democracy. Look at what it did to our presidential caucuses.”

Though vowing to continue to fight for election reform, and to encourage political participation among young people, he has decided that “running a campaign and being a public servant isn’t the way to do it”.

Novoselic, who retired from performing last year, will continue to work with Music for America.