New Nirvana album – tracklisting revealed

NME.COM has details of the three unheard songs out this year

The final tracklisting for Nirvana’s rarities compilation ‘Sliver’ has been revealed.

The album, set for release in November, will include three previously unreleased tracks, which have been confirmed as ‘Spank Thru (Faecal Matter)’, ‘Sappy’ (Endino-produced demo), ‘Come As You Are’ (boombox).

The rest of the album is comprised of songs selected from last year’s box set, ‘With The Lights Out’.

The full tracklisting is:

‘Spank Thru’ (Faecal Matter) 3:10

‘Heartbreaker’ (first Nirvana show) 2:59

‘Mrs. Butterworth’ (band demo) 4:05

‘Floyd The Barber’ (live) 2:33

‘Clean Up Before She Comes’ (home demo) 3:12

‘About A Girl’ (home demo) 2:44

‘Sappy’ (Endino-produced demo) 3:46

‘Blandest’ (Endino-produced demo) 3:56

‘Ain’t It A Shame’ (The Jury) 2:01

‘Lithium’ (KAOS/Calvin Johnson) 1:49

‘Opinion’ (KAOS/Calvin Johnson) 1:34

‘Sliver’ (home demo) 2:09

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (boombox) 5:40

‘Come As You Are’ (boombox) 4:15

‘Old Age’ (Nevermind outtake) 4:20

‘Oh The Guilt’ (Touch and Go single) 3:25

‘Rape Me’ (solo acoustic) 3:23

‘Rape Me’ (band demo) 3:01

‘Heart Shaped Box’ (Rio demo) 5:31

‘Do Re Mi’ (home demo w/ Pat Smear) 4:24

‘You Know You’re Right’ (solo acoustic) 2:30

‘All Apologies’ (solo acoustic) 3:33