‘Last Days’ is based on the events leading up to the Nirvana legend's suicide...

A new film attempting to imagine what the final hours ofKURT COBAIN’s life might have been like is to be screened for the first time at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL tonight (May 13).

‘Last Days’, which was made by ’Good Will Hunting’ director Gus Van Sant, trails a musician called Blake (played by Michael Pitt) and his grunge band.

The movie follows the tormented blonde haired singer as he hides from managers, friends and record company executives during the lead-up to his death.

Although the film is not about Cobain, Van Sant said it is inspired by his suicide and his previous two movies (‘Elephant’ and ‘Gerry’) were influenced by stories of death.

“‘Elephant was a way to look at the wave of school shootings, like Columbine, that happened in America in the late 1990s. And ‘Last Days’ came out of the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994,” he told the BBC.

“When Cobain died, there was a real intense fascination with his last days from seemingly the entire world. It is one of those suicides, like Hunter S Thompson’s or Elliott Smith’s – it’s always affecting.”

‘Last Days’ will be released in the UK in September.