First glimpse of the film that fictionalises the story of the Nirvana singer’s death…

A new film is attempting to imagine what the final hours of KURT COBAIN’s life might have been like.

Directed by ‘Good Will Hunting’ director Gus Van Sant, ‘Last Days’ the film is not actually about Nirvana, but a musician called ‘Blake’ (played by Michael Pitt) and his grunge band who, as these shots reveal, bear a striking resemblance to the people who created ‘Nevermind’.

‘Last Days’ follows the tormented blonde haired Blake as he hides from managers, friends and record company executives during the lead-up to his death.

However Van Sant insisted this is not a film about Cobain, but a tribute to him. “He’s like a Shakespearean Hamlet, reflecting on his personal ghosts and demons,” Van Sant told, “and while I don’t know what his were, I’m imagining what they might have been.”

The director was also quick to assure fans that the film will not try to draw any conclusions – even fictionalised – about the singer’s demise.

“We’re not showing anything specifically that’s challenging anyone,” he explained. “There are no answers, no ‘This is causing that.’ “

While Dave Grohl has already said he’ll be giving the film a wide berth, ‘Last Days’ has received the blessing of Cobain’s widow [a][/a].

The film was premiered this week (May 11) at the Cannes Film Festival, and will be released in the UK in September.

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