The renowned Rough Trade store is celebrated...

The legendary ROUGH TRADE record shop in LONDON is the focus of a documentary on BBC ONE next week.

The renowned shop on Portobello Road opened in 1976 and became infamous due to its range of records and sense of community. The shop even write their own reviews on every title they stock.

Stories like Kurt Cobain getting Courtney Love to go to the counter to ask for a record as he was too shy still circulate to this day.

Steve Mackey from Pulp said of the store: “They support anyone who’s making interesting music or just starting out, or music mainstream chains won’t buy.”

Pav from [a][/a] agrees: “I love going there as people recommend records. It’s like a community of like minded people around the world who are passionate and fans of music.”

Catch the programme on Monday (January 10) at 7.30pm.