The Nirvana singer's guitar is sold at an auction in the US...

A guitar once owned by KURT COBAIN has been auctioned in the US and has fetched a huge sum.

The instrument fetched $117,500 at the auction at the Heritage Galleries in Dallas, Texas, according to BBC.

The guitar is the only known example in existence of a right-handed 1960’s Mosrite Gospel Mark IV and was bought by Cobain in San Francisco in 1990 and modified by him for a left-handed player.

The customised guitar is the first of the Nirvana star’s instruments to go on public sale since his death ten years ago.

Other instruments at the auction include a piano owned by Elton John, Roger McGuinn from [/a]’ custom-built guitar, a Woodstock ticket autographed by Jimi Hendrix and [a]’s 1975 Grammy Medal.