The film will be based on the Nirvana biography 'Heavier Than Heaven'...

A film about the life of KURT COBAIN has been given the go-ahead, according to reports.

The TV movie will be based on the unauthorised 2001 Nirvana biography, ‘Heavier Than Heaven’, by Charles Cross.

A script for the film has already been commissioned and it could air as early as next year.

“The day Kurt Cobain died was the day the music died for a generation. His story is perfect for our audience,” said original movies senior vice president, Tana Nugent Jamieson, at the WB cable network.

The movie, which does not yet have a director involved, will chart Cobain’s life growing up in the logging town of Aberdeen, Washington, his parent’s divorce, the rise of Nirvana and his marriage to Courtney Love.

“The storytelling will have a nonlinear style, flashing to different parts of his life out of chronological order,” script-writer, Robert Munic, told The Hollywood Reporter.