Buy stuff for, like, less money with our great offer...

Don’t say that we never do anything for you!

Not content with bringing you more news stories than Jon Snow could wave a stick at, the best in ringtones and an amazing SMS service, NME.COM can now save you money! Yes, we’ve teamed up with our “pals” at Virgin Megastores to bring you an amazing deal.

As part of their three CDs for £20 promotion, you, the lucky NME.COM reader, can get three CDs for just £18 (three CDs for €27 in the Republic of Ireland)! Which is a bargain, by any definition you choose.


Albums featured in the promotion include the latest efforts from Cooper Temple Clause, Cave In, Ikara Colt and Von Bondies. Or why not fill the gaps in your collection with classics from the likes of Nirvana or The Datsuns?

Tempted? Well, you’d better buy a copy of this week’s NME, on sale now (it’s the one with [a][/a] on the cover and an in-any-sane-country-illegal picture of a man with preposterously hairy legs on page 26), and use the coupons printed inside.

Valid in Virgin Megastores and Virgin Megastores Xpress shops only for a limited period.

All CDs in the offer are subject to availability.

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