Producer of 'In Utero' says he's never heard the untitled song leaked online...

Producer STEVE ALBINI has spoken out over the previously unreleased NIRVANA song leaked online – telling NME.COM he has never heard it before.

As reported last week, dedicated fans believe the untitled song, which doesn’t feature on any official band release, is a brand new find, unearthed almost a decade after it was committed to tape.

Some insiders claim the most likely time the song was recorded would be at a session in January 1993 in Rio de Janeiro, while the band were on tour in Brazil. Tapes from that session were supposedly sent to Albini, who produced their third and last studio album, ‘In Utero’, later that year.

NME contacted Albini last week. He said that although he was sent tapes of that session, the song wasn’t amongst those he received.

“Yes, the band sent me a cassette of those (Rio) sessions and the original multi-tracks were sent to the studio in advance of the band’s arrival (to record ‘In Utero’)”, he wrote in an e-mail. “I listened to them and made notes. There were very crude renditions of a couple of the songs and fairly complete versions of others.”

Not commercial like the much touted ‘You Know You You’re Right’, the five-minute song features a spoken word middle eight, in which Kurt Cobain is heard to moan “If we did not have chemicals / you would not be writing my death certificate“.

In related news, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has said that unreleased Nirvana material, including the hugely anticipated song ‘You Know You’re Right’, could be released this year.

He told Billboard in the US that new found “good will” between him, drummer Dave Grohl and Courtney Love could see the release of some of the archive that has been the centre of a legal dispute.