Krist Novoselic says there is now "good will" between the band and Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney Love....

KRIST NOVOSELIC has said that unreleased NIRVANA material could be released this year.

Speaking in the US, the former bassist said that there is “good will” between him, drummer Dave Grohl and Courtney Love, who they are in litigation with over control of the band’s assets.

While no settlement has been reached, Novoselic told Billboard: “There’s actually good will going on right now.”

He said the highly anticipated new song ‘You Know You’re Right’ could be on the release.

He continued: “I can’t say until the ink’s dry, but it’s just probably what you’d expect, what you’ve been hearing.”

Novoselic said that Universal are hoping for a release in the “fourth quarter”.

Recently, Dave Grohl said that he was beginning to doubt whether fighting Courtney Love through the courts is worth the trouble.

“At the end of the day it’s just not worth all the pain and the anguish,” he said. “My contribution has been made. The band is over and forever that music will be there. There are times when I honestly don’t give a shit who’s running the cash register. I’ll always be the guy who played drums in that band, and to me that’s more important than control or power or money or whatever.”

Love claims to have 100 tapes of unreleased Nirvana material, some of which is “awe-inspiring”.