Fans claim the gloomy five-minute number has somehow been unearthed almost a decade after it was committed to tape...

Mystery surrounds what appears to be a previously unheard NIRVANA song that has surfaced online.

Dedicated fans of the band believe that the untitled track, which doesn’t feature on any official band release, has somehow been unearthed almost a decade after it was committed to tape.

Not commercial like the much-touted ‘You Know You You’re Right’, the five-minute song features a spoken word middle eight, in which Kurt Cobain is heard to moan “If we did not have chemicals / you would not be writing my death certificate”.

Most of the other lyrics are indecipherable. However, the song ends with Cobain singing “My milk is your shit”, over and over again. The line subsequently appeared on the ‘In Utero’ album track ‘Milk It’.

It is currently unclear when or where the song could have been recorded. Some insiders claim the most likely time would be at a session in January 1993 in Rio de Janeiro, while the band were on tour in Brazil.

If so, it would have been recorded by Craig Montgomery when the band were putting down demos of tracks likely to feature on their Steve Albini produced third album, recorded later that year.

The only song to feature on an official release from that session is ‘Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip’, which appeared on the UK release of ‘In Utero’ as a bonus track.