"Love [was] using her claims to further her own career goals, not to protect Cobain's legacy"...

The battle for control of Nirvana‘s legacy took a further twist yesterday (December 12) when legal action was launched by surviving members KRIST NOVOSELIC and DAVE GROHL to wrestle control of the estate back from “incompetent… prima donna” COURTNEY LOVE.

In papers filed at the Superior Court Of Washington in Seattle, the pair launched an action seeking to overturn an earlier court order allowing the widow of Kurt Cobain to block the release of a special edition box-set. Also at issue is “the management of the musical legacy of what is considered the most significant rock group of the 1990s,” court papers read.

In a swingeing attack on Love, Novoselic and Grohl claim her decision to put a block on the album – and more specifically the much-vaunted unreleased ‘You Know You’re Right’ – was because “faced with a waning recording and acting career… Love [was] using her claims to further her own career goals, not to protect Cobain’s legacy as she claims.”

The pair said that Love was acting in breach of an agreement drawn up by the three as Nirvana LLC, a limited liability company formed in 1997 “to continue to nourish the assets of the Nirvana legacy.” They want damages from Love for blocking the release, and also want her thrown out of Nirvana LLC because “in her professional dealings, Love is irrational, mercurial, self-centred, unmanageable, inconsistent and unpredictable.” They also labelled her “incompetent” and a prima donna.

Novoselic and Grohl did not contain their remarks about Love to the courtroom either. In an open letter to Nirvana fans, they said her actions were about “the revitalisation of her career, motivated solely by her blind self-interest. She couldn’t care less about Nirvana fans. The Nirvana legacy is becoming tangled up in her own ambitious agenda,” they added.

Courtney Love has not yet responded, though her lawyer, O Yale Lewis, called the allegations “preposterous”.

“Those allegations are totally inconsistent with the public record,” he said. “She is recognized widely as a very successful businessperson, a very successful actress and a very powerful person. And I would say she has achieved much more success on her own than either Mr Grohl or Mr Novoselic has on his own.”

Lewis told the Seattle Times that Love believes that she should control Nirvana‘s legacy as the widow of Cobain.