'You Know You're Right' may be followed by box set of unheard material...

COURTNEY LOVE has given NME world-exclusive access to the unreleased NIRVANA track ‘YOU KNOW YOU’RE RIGHT’.

The song, which was recorded post-‘In Utero’ in January 1994 at Bob Lang’s Studio in Seattle, has been at the centre of a bitter legal wrangle between Love and surviving Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

In June this year, a Seattle judge granted Love an injunction preventing the release of the song on a proposed Nirvana box set being put together by Grohl and Novoselic.

At the time, her manager James Barber claimed that the song was “a potential hit of extraordinary artistic and commercial value” and could expect to sell around 15 million copies worldwide.

Having spoken to both Barber and Love, NME understands that they propose to release a ten- or 12-track ‘Introduction To Nirvana‘, featuring the song. Then, a year or so later, it would be followed with a box set featuring unheard and new material (some of which would be taken from a selection of tapes discovered after Cobain’s death, containing 200 song ‘fragments’).

For the full story, NME’s assessment of ‘You Know You’re Right’ and the full lyric to the song, see this week’s NME, dated December 1, on sale around Britain from Wednesday, November 28.