The tome becomes one of the fastest-selling rock books ever...and we want to now what you think of them...

KURT COBAIN’s diary has sold “phenomenally” well in the UK on its first week of release, according to booksellers – and NME.COM wants to know what YOU think of it.

The book has become one of the fastest selling rock tomes, second only to The Beatles‘ ‘Anthology’, according to music retailer HMV.

HMV spokesperson Gennaro Castaldo said: “It’s selling phenomenally well. Apart from The Beatles it’s our fastest-selling ever.”

NME.COM wants to know what you think about the Cobain diary. Does it give an insight into the mind of a tortured genius and the inside story on one of the world’s greatest bands? Or is it simply a cynical way of cashing in? Should his journals ever have been published?

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