The Nirvana frontman's journals are snapped up after a fierce bidding war...

The publishing rights to KURT COBAIN’s diaries have been bought for a reported multi-million dollar sum.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Cobain kept extensive diaries during his youth and time in Nirvana, totalling 23 books and 800 pages.

In recent weeks publishers were asked to bid for the right to publish the diaries, with a deadline set of 11am on Monday (February 25). According to US reports, Riverhead Books, who are a division of Pengiun Putnam, won out.

Co-editorial director of Riverhead, Julie Grau said in a statement. “The journals are an intimate, unadulterated portrait of an artist of great influence. They reveal Cobain’s vision and design, they document his creative and personal struggles. They are insightful, provocative, moving, funny and show him to be very smart and very aware.”

Courtney Love’s manager, Jim Barber told MTV news that the deal was worth seven figures, but revealed to elaborate on terms.

He commented: “There were several who could have done a good job. Of the 11 publishers I met with, nine thought this was the most amazing thing they had ever seen, and two or three of those stepped up and saw what it could do. This is mostly about finding it a good home. Anyone who’s involved in Kurt’s career has to be excited and enthusiastic to work with him, to spread the word about his life and music. That’s a big deal.”

The completed work is expected to be published towards the end of the year. However, some fans will have already read some of the diaries. Last year, Love gave author Charles R. Cross access to them as part of his research for a new biography of the late Nirvana star, titled ‘Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain’.

Love also told NME.COM that plans are in the pipeline for an exhibition of Cobain’s non-musical work in London.