The girl began a realtionship with a Kurt lookalike - and now he's accused of attempting to procure her suicide...

A teenage NIRVANA fan was allegedly pushed into attempting suicide by her obsession with KURT COBAIN.

The 15-year-old – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was fascinated by the singer, and had begun a relationship with a Kurt lookalike. But it turned sour when she came close to death after penning a suicide note using Cobain quotes.

Her ex-boyfriend, also 15, denies the rare charge of attempting to procure her suicide on 29 January. It’s claimed that the boy, said to be obsessed with serial killers and Satanism, talked the girl into jumping from a 25ft jetty in a suicide bid while playing truant from school in Aberystwyth, west Wales. She survived, but suffered serious head and brain injuries.


The girl told Swansea Crown Court that she was a fan of Kurt Cobain, and she was attracted to her boyfriend because of his similar appearance to the late Nirvana mainman.

“I called him my dark-haired Kurt Cobain,” she said, adding that some words from her alleged suicide note referred to those used by Cobain.

“‘Empathy’ would have been mine because it’s one of Kurt Cobain’s. Kurt Cobain used that word a lot.

“I can’t tell you which was mine and which was the boy’s. I was drinking continually when I was writing it.”

She told the court she pleaded with her boyfriend at the jetty’s edge when she realised what was happening.

“It was going though one ear and out the other. He wasn’t listening to me,” she said. “He said he wanted me to be free. He wanted me to jump off the end.”


Prosecuting, Paul Thomas, argued that the defendant had an unhealthy interest in characters including killer Charles Manson, saying police found extreme graffiti on his bedroom wall.

The teenager denies the charge and the trial continues today.