But the band's former drummer isn't ready to give up the fight just yet...

DAVE GROHL has revealed he is beginning to doubt whether fighting COURTNEY LOVE through the courts for the soul of NIRVANA is worth the trouble.

The drummer was speaking ahead of a case due to come to court in September when Grohl and former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic will fight Love to claim ownership of Nirvana‘s vast legacy – and a back catalogue of unreleased material worth millions.

“At the end of the day it’s just not worth all the pain and the anguish,” he said. “My contribution has been made. The band is over and forever that music will be there. There are times when I honestly don’t give a shit who’s running the cash register. I’ll always be the guy who played drums in that band, and to me that’s more important than control or power or money or whatever.”

Despite his protestations, Grohl has no intention of giving up the fight with Love completely.

“She wasn’t in the rehearsal space writing the music,” he told MTV. “She wasn’t involved in the human records, she wasn’t onstage every night playing or in Aberdeen in 1987, hanging out with Krist and Kurt on tour in that tiny van. She wasn’t there for the majority of the band. So it would be different [if she wins control of Nirvava‘s music]. It would be like handing Microsoft to me.”

Love claims to have 100 tapes of unreleased Nirvana material, some of which is “awe-inspiring”. She is currently blocking all attempts by Grohl, Novoselic and others to force their release. As widow of Kurt Cobain, she claimed inheritance of his estate.