The 'Nevermind' producer reveals he's helped out on the band's long awaited box set...

‘NEVERMIND’ producer BUTCH VIG has revealed that while ‘YOU KNOW YOU’RE RIGHT’ may have been the best of the unreleased NIRVANA

outtakes, it’s almost certainly not the last.

Garbage drummer


Vig told Launch that while he didn’t work on the band’s recently unearthed and re-released track ‘You Know You’re Right’ , which was produced by Adam Kasper, he was happy to see the 1994 recording surface at last. And he also revealed he’s been helping compile the group’s long-awaited box set.

He said: “There’s still a few raw things that I know haven’t come out yet. But there’s not a lot of stuff left out there that is as good as ‘You Know You’re Right’. So I think it’s great.

“You know, I worked on that boxed set that got put on the table and there’s some really cool stuff on that — a lot of weird outtakes, some jams, and some acoustic demos — and I hope that comes out sometime in the near future.”

He said of ‘You Know You’re Right’: “It’s a great song. I mean, the first time I heard it, a chill went down my neck. It’s like, I heard Kurt (Cobain)’s voice again and, I miss him. I mean, he’d still be making great music if he was out here.”

Vig is currently working on a new album with Garbage, the follow up to 2001’s ‘Beautifulgarbage’.

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