A previously unreleased song featuring vocals by the late Nirvana legend surfaces in the US...

A previously unreleased song featuring vocals by Nirvana vocalist KURT COBAIN has surfaced in the US.

The track, titled ‘Divine and Bright’, was recorded in 1990 and features on a reissue of Seattle rock band Earth’s ‘Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars EP’, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Cobain and Earth vocalist Dylan Carlson were longtime friends. He said that he hopes people would buy the EP for the right reasons.

He commented: “If people buy it ’cause they’re some Kurt-worshipping type and it makes them happy to have one more track with him on it, that’s fine, but people who like Earth will buy it for Earth.”

The EP was released in the US last month via the independent label No Quarter Records.