The wife of the late Kurt Cobain says some of the music is "awe-inspiring"...

The ongoing saga over Nirvana‘s recorded legacy has taken yet another twist with COURTNEY LOVE now claiming she has over 100 tapes of unreleased material, some of which is “awe-inspiring”.

Love, the widow of late frontman Kurt Cobain and currently embroiled in a vitriolic battle with the two surviving Nirvanamembers Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic over ownership of Nirvana‘s unreleased back catalogue, describes her collection as “the holy grail of rock ‘n’ roll”.

The former Hole frontwoman says that the tapes do not all include completed songs but thinks there are between five and eight “solidly good” unheard acoustic songs.

“There’s some stuff that’s not very melodic that I’m not fond of, but, hey, if you’re a fan of [Radiohead‘s] ‘Kid A’, it might be really great,” she says. “On those tapes are everything from shitty collages to some pretty stunning, awe-inspiring acoustic songs to stupid, fucked-up shit. The songs began at our home, usually in a closet or in his room, and I have everything from stuff you’ve already heard in demo form to gasp-out-loud acoustic songs to things he’s playing with Patty [Schemel, Hole’s drummer] and Eric [Erlandson, Hole’s guitarist] to things he’s playing with the fucking heroin dealer to collages.”

The heroin dealer remark refers to tapes recorded when Cobain would take his four-track and go score dope with a musician friend, Rolling Stone reports.

Love also mentions ‘Stinking Of You’, a song she and Cobain wrote together the same night he wrote the Hole B-side ’20 Years in the Dakota’.

“It’s really cute and Breeder-y,” she says. Lyrics include: [I]”I’m stinking of you… I don’t care if my life is shattered, it’s my point of view …” She says she wrote the ‘stinking of you’ bit (“that dumb little line”) while Cobain wrote “the more sophisticated, better part” the ‘life is shattered’ verses.

The battle over Nirvana ownership is due to come to a head in a Seattle court in September.