Four short clips of what is reported to be the controversial 'You Know You're Right' appear on the web...

The row over access to the unreleased NIRVANA song ‘YOU KNOW YOU’RE RIGHT’ looks set to be reignited after someone claiming to have access to the song reportedly posted a clip online.

The song, which was recorded post-‘In Utero’ in January 1994 at Bob Lang’s Studio in Seattle, has been at the centre of a legal wrangle between Courtney Love and surviving Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

Last year, a Seattle judge granted Love an injunction preventing the release of the song on a proposed Nirvana

box set being put together by Grohl and Novoselic.

At the time, her manager James Barber claimed that the song was “a potential hit of extraordinary artistic and commercial value” and could expect to sell around 15 million copies worldwide.

According to the unofficial Nirvana website, www.nirvanaclub.com , four short clips of what is claimed to be the song were posted online over the weekend, raising the possibility that the whole track could appear in the future.

It is understood that lawyers acting on behalf of Cobain’s estate are acting to ensure this doesn’t happen.