Krist Novoselic has shot footage for the programmes, and even appears in a one-off grunge supergroup...

FORMER Nirvana bassist KRIST NOVOSELIC appears in a series of documentaries to be broadcast on the Internet on Monday (June 5).

The programmes were made by Seattle musician Roderick Romero, former frontman with the group Sky Cries Mary and include footage shot by Novoselic himself. The series will also feature a one-off performance by a group calling themselves The No WTO Combo, featuring Novoselic, Jello Biafra, ex-Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil and drummer Gina Mainwal, recorded during the WTO demonstration in Seattle last year.

The show is called Intervision and can be seen at [url=]www.fastband.com.


As previously reported on nme.com, Novoselic and Thayil are among the grunge stars featured on video interviews at the Experience Music Project museum, which opens on June 23 in Seattle.

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