Collection will include unheard material...

The long-awaited Nirvana box set of unreleased tracks and rare recordings is set to be released sometime in the new millennium, possibly 2001.

Ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic posted a message on his website last week confirming that the project was finally going ahead.

He said: “We are compiling material for a future release. We don’t have a date yet. Until the project starts shaping up, there isn’t much more to say. We’ll keep you posted.”


It’s expected the box set will include REM producer Scott Litt‘s ‘legendary’ remix of Nirvana‘s ‘Pennyroyal Tea’, the original version of which was destined to be released as a single before Cobain‘s death five years ago this month.

Bootleg versions of the remix change hands for ‘250-300.

The release is also likely to feature a song recorded just after the sessions for Nirvana‘s final studio album ‘In Utero’, released in 1993. A source close to Nirvana said the band described the song as “the best Nirvana song ever written”.

Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl have reportedly spent years compiling material from studio sessions and live performances that they feel are good enough for the box set.

There’s been a host of rumours since Cobain‘s demise regarding what material existed and which tracks would see the light of day.

It’s known that his widow Courtney Love owns the rights to at least three unreleased demos recorded shortly before his suicide.


Back in September 1994, Love said in an interview that it was Kurt‘s intention to give one of the songs, ‘Talk To Me’, to ex-Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan and another, ‘Opinion’, to Iggy Pop.

Love said in 1994: “The last songs he wrote are so beautiful. I figure since Kurt screwed me over by splitting, I’m switching. Iggy will have a hit anyway. Lanegan is great and Kurt loved him so much I’m going to give him ‘Opinion‘ and Iggy gets ‘Talk To Me’ which is real cool.”

Neither Lanegan nor Iggy ever ended up releasing the material, so it’s possible they will end up in demo form on the forthcoming box set, sung by Cobain.

The third, untitled song, was described by Love as: “…so weird, so ironic. It’s so happy, so ‘White Album’. It’s real lo-fi and I’ll let them put it out at an appropriate time.”

Nirvana‘s last release was 1996’s ‘From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah’ which was originally slated to be a two-CD release, one featuring live material and the other unreleased songs, demos and rarities. In the end, the released single album solely consisted of live songs.

Meanwhile, MTV reports that Cobain‘s family stepped in to stop the sale of some of his drawings done in High School, put up for auction at Christies by a former teacher. The items were reportedly watercolours of Ronald Regan and Michael Jackson, with reserve prices of $2000 dollars upwards.

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