Holograms of Kurt Cobain, Tupac and Elvis Presley appear in ‘South Park’ Christmas episode

Episode also featured special appearances from Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea's bum

The 18th season of South Park came to an end last night with an episode featuring ‘guest appearances’ from Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea plus the holograms of Kurt Cobain, Tupac and Elvis Presley.

As Consequence of Sound reports, the episode was built around a TV executive deciding to create an elaborate Christmas special featuring a number of big name guest stars. South Park character Cartman commentated over the episode in the style of a YouTube blogger.

The TV special began with a hologram of Kurt Cobain singing ‘Up On The Roof Top’. Midway through the performance the hologram began to load a shotgun and then pulled the trigger, revealing a flag that read ‘Merry Christmas’.

Meanwhile, Elvis Presley performed ‘A Holly Jolly Christmas’ alongside Iggy Azalea, who farted her parts with her bottom dressed like a snowman. Taylor Swift sang a duet with comedian Bill Cosby while Tupac’s hologram searched for Michael Jackson’s hologram. This storyline turned into a commentary on the real life situations involving Eric Garner and Ferguson in the US as police tried, and failed, to put Tupac in a choke hold.

Earlier this year Lorde spoke about her amusement over a different episode from season 18 in which she was parodied.