J Mascis, St Vincent and more join Nirvana for tiny Brooklyn show

Joan Jett, Kim Gordon and Deer Tick's John McCauley also played with the band last night (April 10)

Nirvana followed their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction by playing an intimate show at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus, which has a capacity of 230. See above to watch the band perform ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ with St Vincent now.

As reported by Noisey, the band were joined by a series of guest singers, beginning with Joan Jett, who opened the show with ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, ‘Breed’, ‘In Bloom’ and ‘Territorial Pissings’.

Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis joined the band for ‘Drain You’, ‘Pennyroyal Tea’ and ‘School’. St Vincent’s Annie Clark, who, like Jett and Gordon, had also performed with the band at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony, played three songs starting with ‘Lithium’.

Deer Tick’s John McCauley fronted the band for three songs, while former Sonic Youth bassist and singer Kim Gordon closed the show with ‘Aneurysm’, ‘Negative Creep’ and ‘Moist Vagina’.

Annie Clark later tweeted her excitement:

Fans had earlier posted Instagram shots of the band setting up:


Nirvana played:

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (with Joan Jett)
‘Breed’ (with Joan Jett)
‘In Bloom’ (with Joan Jett)
‘Territorial Pissings’ (with Joan Jett)
‘Drain You’ (with J Mascis)
‘Pennyroyal Tea’ (with J Mascis)
‘School’ (with J Mascis)
‘Lithium’ (with Annie Clark)
‘About A Girl’ (with Annie Clark)
‘Heart-Shaped Box’ (with Annie Clark)
‘Serve The Servants’ (with John McCauley)
‘Scentless Apprentice’ (with John McCauley)
‘tourette’s’ (with John McCauley)
‘Aneurysm’ (with Kim Gordon)
‘Negative Creep’ (with Kim Gordon)
‘Moist Vagina’ (with Kim Gordon)