Kurt Cobain Craigslist advert revealed as hoax

The advert claiming to be selling the Nirvana frontman's belongings was actually a stunt by Sub Pop Records receptionist Derek Erdman

A Kurt Cobain‘s old roommate selling a host of the Nirvana frontman’s belongings has been revealed as a hoax.

The items for sale included a set of skis ($80) and a telephone ($55) as well as a video game called Kingman ($25). In the listing, the seller – who claimed he was a former member of the band Gruntruck – wrote that he will be selling more of what he said were Cobain’s possessions in the future.

However, the listing has now been revealed as a hoax by Sub Pop Records receptionist Derek Erdman, who previously featured in the record label’s spoof video in response to a misguided fan of the band who wrote to the label requesting that Kurt Cobain and co record a video message for a university football team in Virginia.

Speaking to Revolt, Erdman said that the idea struck him on Friday morning when he was “supposed to be working on something else”. “I created a diversion,” he said. “Then I ignored it and went back to work. A few hours later I did an interview with CBC radio about it. Later that night I met a TV news crew (with cameras!) at the aforementioned Safeway for an interview, but they called my bluff and asked for ID. I told them that I was a one time bass player for ’90s band Gruntruck. They didn’t buy it, and they were visibly not happy about me wasting their time, I was wearing a flannel shirt though.”

Admitting that he doesn’t own any of the items featured in the advert – all of which were just photos he found on the internet, he added: “I’ve gotten a lot of replies from ‘serious collectors’ and people who will pay for shipping. Have you ever shipped skis? That sounds like it would be really difficult.”

Last month a statue of a weeping Kurt Cobain was unveiled in Aberdeen, Washington – the hometown of the late Nirvana frontman. The city celebrated Kurt Cobain Day on February 20, what would have been the frontman’s 47th birthday. The statue, which sees Cobain crying a single tear, is situated in the Aberdeen Museum of History. The day’s festivities also included a gig and an appearance from Cobain’s guitar teacher.

Neighbouring town Hoquiam will celebrate Nirvana Day on April 10 this year, when the band are being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Cobain was born and raised in Aberdeen, but did briefly live in Hoquiam.