Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic reveals who he’d like to form a supergroup with

He also says what Martin Shkreli showed about modern culture

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has said that he wants to start a supergroup with Public Enemy‘s Chuck D and The Doors drummer John Densmore.

Novoselic was speaking to The Young Turks recently when he discussed the idea.

“John is great, I know John. He is one of my heroes,” he said, continuing: “Chuck D is great, Public Enemy. We should put a band together right there, because I’ll be on bass, we’ll have John on drums, and Chuck will rap.”


“No, seriously,” he added.

Chuck D

In the same interview, Novoselic shared his opinion on the Martin Shkreli saga, arguing: “In the end, in spite of himself, Shkreli proved that as a culture we don’t care about the details, we’re transfixed by spectacle, and that we don’t want to fix our problems.”

“You really hate Martin? How about actually trying to accomplish real change,” Novoselic said. “Our healthcare system is ripping us off, but too many are enchanted or obsessed with Trump.”

Back in December, the surviving members of Nirvana performed together live, with Krist Novoselic joining Dave Grohl and Pat Smear onstage with the Foo Fighters. They performed ‘Big Me’ together at a show in Eugene, Oregon.