Peter Bjorn and John’s SXSW gets off to a rocky start

The band battle sound troubles, angry crowd

Peter, Bjorn and John‘s SXSW got off to a rocky start with a troubled performance at the Austin music festival tonight (March 18).

The Swedish three-piece took the stage at Vice nearly 45 minutes late — a rarity at the punctual festival — due to technical difficulties. The packed house grew restless and impatient, chanting “come on.”

The band performed several songs from their forthcoming album ‘Living Thing’ and were forced to cut short their single, ‘Nothing To Worry About’, due to an uncooperative keyboard. “These Ikea samplers are giving us problems,” Bjorn quipped.

The rowdy crowd did not seem pleased, and several audience members headed for the door. The band soldiered on, looking less than thrilled to be there themselves, but finally made it through their 45-minute set.

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