‘Tribute’ band go too far

Impersonators fool Montana state fair

An unknown ‘tribute’ band are currently under investigation after passing themselves off as 70s rockers Redbone.

The imposters, helmed by a Denny Freeman who claimed to be a co- founder of the band, performed at the Butte-Silver Bow Fair in Montana while the real Redbone played a show in Wisconsin.

According to Associated Press, founding Redbone member Pat Vegas confirmed that he had never heard of Freeman or the other men who performed at the Butte-Silver Bow Fair.

Redbone’s manager Ron Kurtz told the AP: “I’ve been in the business for 40 years, and I’ve never ran into anything this blatant.”

The fair’s board is investigating, chairman Dave Palmer has explained.

“The whole thing was fishy from the start,” Palmer told local paper The Montana Standard, explaining only two performers showed up at the fair. They claimed their bandmates were missing because they had the mumps, and asked local musicians to fill in.