Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon to release cricketing album

Hannon wants to celebrate 'sport of the gods'

The Divine Comedy‘s Neil Hannon is attempting to put the rock’n’roll back in cricket with a new album themed around the sport.

The Irish singer has teamed up with Dublin-based musician Thomas Walsh for an album of cricket-based songs called ‘The Duckworth-Lewis Method’, set to be released in time for the Ashes this summer, reports BBC News.

The Duckworth-Lewis Method is a cricketing term used to decide rain-interrupted one-day cricket matches, wherein a result can always be reached in a reduced overs match.

Songs set for inclusion are ‘The Age Of Revolution’, ‘Jiggery Pokery’, ‘The Nightwatchman’, ‘Meeting Mr Miandad’ and ‘Test Match Special’.

Hannon, who claims to have got into cricket during his “wilderness years”, said, “It’s about time the sport of the gods got a whole album dedicated to it.”