Monster rock band win Eurovision

Finland celebrate with the contest’s strangest ever winners

A Finnish metal band who dress as monsters have won the Eurovision Song Contest tonight (May 20).

Lordi triumphed in this year’s contest with song ‘Hard Rock Halleljah’, breaking with Eurovision’s usual diet of conventional pop.

The “horror rock” group collected 292 points in the telephone vote, to take the 2006 prize. Russia came second at the ceremony held in Athens, Greece, earning 248 points for Dima Bilan‘s ‘Never Let You Go’.

“We are a rock band and we just won Eurovision – that’s weird,” the Finnish band’s frontman, also named Lordi, told BBC News. “This was a victory for rock music and also a victory for open-mindedness.”

The UK, represented by Daz Sampson, came 19th out of 24 countries with ‘Teenage Life’.

Lordi’s success means Finland will now host the 2007 contest.