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Duffy, Robbie Williams, The Enemy - your music gossip round up

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Today’s top gossip:

Pete Doherty could be facing a new career as a TV screenwriter. Bosses at the BBC have reportedly asked him to write a pilot episode for a “‘Skins’-style drama” about the gritty side of the music industry. “They want a pilot episode written in the next six weeks,” said a source. “It will become a series if he can come up with the goods. Beeb bosses think Pete has a creative streak that will produce gritty TV, He’s seen it all as a hellraising rock star so they want his experiences written in” (The Sun).
The BBC has since denied the talboid’s claim.

From the papers:

Robbie Williams has said he is ready to join Take That. Speaking to reporters backstage at the launch of the ‘We Will Rock You’ musical in Manchester, he admitted: “Let’s see what happens, but my head’s in the right place, so the timing could be right if Gary calls. I think it would be fun. It could be good” (Daily Mirror).

Duffy has ruled out any more ad campaigns after her notorious Diet Coke clip, saying: “I have only got 100 per cent to give and all of that goes towards being creative, so I can’t really open the doors to all the other things” (Daily Star).

Tom Clarke from The Enemy has never heard of Lady Gaga: “I’ve been living under a Lady Gaga free rock. I’ve heard ‘Let’s Dance’ by David Bowie, which I’m guessing is a lot better” (Daily Star).

Amy Winehouse travelled into central London – by tube (Daily Mirror).

The Mighty Boosh‘s Noel Fielding was spotted drinking with his parents in London‘s Groucho Club (Daily Mirror).

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