Watch Mark Hoppus discuss new Blink 182 guitarist Matt Skiba in new documentary

The Blink-182 bassist discussed the band's legacy in the new documentary

Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus has opened up about new guitarist and Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba in a new documentary – and said that he was the only person he ever considered to replace Tom DeLonge.

Speaking in new Spotify documentary ‘The Drop’, Mark said: “When Tom dropped out, we had already booked Musink, which is Travis [Barker]’s festival.

“The only person we talked about coming and playing our shows was Matt. The reception to Matt was amazing, overwhelming. People were chanting his name before we even came out and played.”

Describing the decision to recruit Skiba as a full-time replacement, Hoppus added: “It just seemed like such a good fit that the next logical thing would be for us to get in the studio and see what happened”.

He also discussed the band’s new album, ‘California’, and the band’s legacy.

“It was crazy important to us that we keep creating new music. We didn’t ever – and don’t ever – want to become like a greatest hits band”, he said.

Earlier this week, Tom DeLonge claimed that he had quit the band because he was able to combine it with his research into UFOs and alien life.