MP blames French riots on rap lyrics

French politician accuses rappers of inciting racism

French MP Francois Grosdidier has blamed three weeks of

civil unrest in the country on seven rappers and bands.

He has blamed their aggressive lyrics for nationwide acts of violence which have included 9,000 cars being set fire to and 3,000 people arrested.

According to the BBC, 200 politicians have backed Grosdidier’s petition that called for legal action against the musicians Monsieur R, Smala, Fabe and Salif, Ministere Amer, 113 and Lunatic.

“When people hear this all day long and when these words swirl round

in their heads, it is no surprise that they then see red as soon as they walk past policemen or simply people who are different from them,” Grosdidier told France-Info.

The rapper Monsieur R told LCI television: “Hip-Hop is a crude art, so we use crude words. It is not a call to violence.”