Top Of The Pops ‘unlikely to ever return’

BBC won't bow to public pressure

‘Top Of The Pops’ is unlikely to ever return to its weekly slot, according to a BBC chief.

The long-running pop music show was axed from its weekly slot in 2006, but has returned for successful Christmas and Comic Relief specials, which has led to pressure to reinstate it.

But BBC pop music controller Andy Parfitt has said that a full series will probably never happen, according to The Guardian.

He said: “It’s got mythical status… but I don’t think we should get hung up on that one programme. We are a long way from (BBC1 controller) Jay Hunt recommissioning ‘Top Of The Pops’ in its old-school form on BBC1.”

While Parfitt insisted that a full-time won’t happen, he said more specials definitely will.

He stated: “It has come back in those event-driven moments and that’s the way to go.”