The former Guns N' Roses guitarist shows he's still a crazy rebel at heart...

CD:UK were forced to cut short an interview with rocker SLASH after he started swearing on air during an interview on the show on Saturday morning (December 2).

The former Guns N’ Roses axeman started spouting the word “fuck” while chatting to Cat Deeley after she asked him about being bitten by his infamous dragon iguana on the popular UK kids’ TV show.

Immediately after the incident, a statement was issued saying: “CD:UK unreservedly apologises for any offensive comments made by Slash during this morning’s interview. CD:UKcut the interview short and Slash was dropped from a further item in the show. He will also be edited out of the repeat.”

A spokesperson for CD:UK told NME.COM that “surprisingly few” complaints were received after the rocker?s four-letter outburst. “We?ve had hardly any at all. They?ve had more complaints about Cat?s outfits!”