J.K. Rowling slams the EU referendum campaign as ‘divisive and bitter’

J.K. Rowling spoke out in a post on her official website

J.K Rowling has reiterated her support for Britain to remain part of the European Union, and described the EU referendum campaign as “one of the most divisive and bitter political campaigns ever waged.”

In a post on her official website, Rowling repeatedly took the Leave campaign to task, and described their tactics as being not too dissimilar to the way that she had initially created Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort.

“I’m not an expert on much, but I do know how to create a monster”, she wrote.


“As this country has entered what will come to be seen as one of the most divisive and bitter political campaigns ever waged within its borders, I’ve thought a lot about the rules for creating villains.

“We are being asked whether we wish to remain part of the European Union and both sides of this campaign have been telling us stories. I don’t mean that in the sense of lying (although lies have certainly been told).

“I mean that they are appealing to us through our universal need to make sense of the world by storytelling and that they have not been afraid to conjure monsters calculated to stir up our deepest fears.”

Rowling also said it was ‘shameful’ to suggest that all leave voters were racist – but described the European Union as an flawed “human union”.


“From friendships, marriages, families and workplaces, all the way up to political parties, governments and cultural economic unions, there will be flaws and disagreements”, she said.

“Because we’re human. Because we’re imperfect. So why bother building these ambitious alliances and communities? Because they protect and empower us, because they enable bigger and better achievements than we can manage alone. We should be proud of our enduring desire to join together, seeking better, safer, fairer lives, for ourselves and for millions of others.”


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