A judge rules ebay.com can continue their business after a case brought be a Grateful Dead fan...

A judge in the US has ruled Internet auctioneer eBAY cannot be sued for allowing music fans to trade bootleg audio recordings on their website.

According to the Associated Press, Superior Court Judge Stuart Pollak ruled in San Francisco on November 7 that eBay could continue their business, following a case brought by Randall Stoner, a Grateful Dead fan upset that concert recordings of the band were available on the site.

According to his lawyer Charles Perkins, Stoner claimed: “No legitimate brick-and-mortar auction house or no legitimate brick-and-mortar record store could sell infringing sound recordings to the extent that these are being sold on eBay and get away with it.”

On www.eBay.com, users can buy or sell music online. Many of the items offered for sale are recordings of live shows, or rare, bootlegged tracks.

However, in his ruling, Judge Pollak said Stoner’s “attempt to impose responsibility on eBay as the seller of items auctioned over its service is no different from the unsuccessful attempts that have been made to hold computer service providers liable as distributors rather than publishers of defamatory or pornographic materials”.