Onetime De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest associate Chi Ali Griffith appears on 'America's Most Wanted'...

CHI ALI GRIFFITH, a onetime associate of DE LA SOUL, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST and JUNGLE BROTHERS as part of the NATIVE TONGUE CREW, has been featured on US network television show ‘AMERICA’S MOST WANTED’ where he was identified as being on the run for murder.

The former rising hip-hop star’s story was told on the Fox network programme at the weekend (November 4) and his full details remain on the website [url=]www.amw.com.

Chi-Ali allegedly shot Sean Raymond, his girlfriend’s brother in the Bronx on February 14 this year after an argument over $300 and a collection of CDs.

It is reported that Raymond had become upset when he realised that 60 of his CDs were missing. He confronted Grittith, who used to share his Bronx apartment, and Griffith admitted to stealing the CDs because he believed that Raymond owed him $300.

Shortly after the conversation, Grittith and another man confronted Raymond in a shop on Qunicy Avenue in the Bronx. Grittith’s friend confronted Raymond, punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground. Grittith is alleged to have pulled a gun and shot the stricken Raymond five times in the chest. He died en route to the hospital.

Grittith went on the run, surfacing only in Atlanta in May, but hasn’t been seen since.

America’s Most Wanted has presented eagle-eyed members of the public a few handy tips on what to look out for. The site says he “has limited use of right arm. Known to smoke marijuana. May be selling marijuana” and add tellingly that he “may hang out in hip-hop clubs”.

Griffith released just one album, 1992’s ‘The Fabulous Chi-Ali’, spawning the hits ‘Age Ain’t Nuthin But A Number’; ‘Funky Lemonade’ and ‘Roadrunner’. His career recently though has gone into freefall, he been working in the postroom of an insurance company.