Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite in EU row with culture secretary John Whittingdale

He described Whittingdale as a "fucking moron"

Mogwai guitarist Stuart Braithwaite has slammed culture secretary John Whittingdale, after he claimed that British artists wouldn’t be effected by the UK leaving the European Union.

Responding to a Music Week story posted on Twitter, Braithwaite said: “He is a fucking moron and/or a bared faced liar.”

Whittingdale, who is campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union, made the bold claims as he attended a reception at the House of Commons to launch the ‘Wish You Were Here’ study – which aimed to investigate the contribution of live music to the UK’s economy.

He said: “British music is conquering the globe”, before claiming that it has “nothing to do with whether or not we are in the European Union.”

“This is probably the last event taking place in the House Of Commons before what happens in a week’s time and the world may or may not be different,” Whittingdale added.

“But the one thing which I’m absolutely certain about is that British music will go on continuing to thrive.”

But Whittingdale’s claims are contrary to an extensive report by Pitchfork, which found that the UK’s music industry would be seriously affected by leaving the European Union.

The report claims that touring artists would lose the privilege to freedom of movement for European tours, while British record labels would notice a substantial cut to their non-UK revenues, along with the potential re-introduction of import/export tariffs.

It would also reportedly affect consumers too, who would face the prospect of having to pay added tax on each record brought from overseas in a country inside the European Union.