Apple’s Steve Jobs returns to spotlight to launch new video-enabled iPod Nano

Jobs also unveils new iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and iTunes

Apple today (September 9) launched a new video-integrated version of the iPod Nano. The new product will allow users to upload content to YouTube at the click of a button.

The announcement was made by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the company’s Special Event conference in San Francisco. 54-year-old Jobs, who had a liver transplant earlier this year, was given a standing ovation by the audience as he took to the stage to deliver his speech.

Jobs revealed that the video market is an area Apple were keen to “get in on” before giving a demonstration of the new device.

The new Nano – which is available to buy from Apple‘s App store now – comes with two memory capacities, 8GB and 16GB. The 8GB version is priced at £115, while the 16GB costs £135, and users can record and play videos on the device, as well as sync them with their computer and upload to YouTube.

Other new features include a VoiceOver option like that used in the iPod Shuffle, the Genius Mixes application, FM radio, a voice recorder app, a built-in pedometer and a larger 2.2inch display screen.

Jobs told the audience that despite the extra features “we’ve still retained [the Nano‘s] incredibly small size”.

Elsewhere in his speech, Jobs announced the latest version of iTunes, which includes a home sharing application allowing users to share content with up to five separate computers per household. iTunes LP, meanwhile, gives users added content including exclusive video interviews with artists.

Also released today is an updated version of the iPod Shuffle coming in a new colour range (with prices starting at £45), and a new iPod Touch with twice the amount of flash memory. The 8GB iPod Touch costs £149, while the 32GB one is £229 and 64GB is £299.