Mike Skinner and Stephen Fry give Twitter responses to Pirate Bay verdict

Mixed responses from the prominent social networkers

The StreetsMike Skinner and broadcaster Stephen Fry have given their opinions on the news that four people involved in The Pirate Bay file sharing site have been sentenced to a year in jail for copyright infringement.

The verdict was given in Stockholm yesterday (April 16), although one of the defendants, Peter Sunde Kolmsioppi, said he would not pay the £2.4 million fine that was imposed as part of the verdict, instead slamming the prosecutors.

Skinner, a prominent Twitter user, as is Kolmsioppi, said he had issues with the website founders’ attitude towards music. “I think the attitude that music should be free is wrong and their attitude sucked,” he wrote on his page, Twitter.com/skinnermike. “Artists should be selling music, but cheap.”

Fry, meanwhile, supported the founders. “Poor old Pirates,” he wrote on Twitter.com/stephenfry. “As an industry insider and copyright holder I’m not supposed to support them, but I do.”

He added: “PB not saints. But we’ve got to think about this rationally and sensibly. Shouting ‘Thief’ all the time is no help. I stole in [the] cassette age.”

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