HMV buys Fopp

Record giant buys ailing store

HMV have bought up the Fopp brand and taken six of it’s most profitable stores off the hands of administrator’s Ernst & Young.

Fopp was forced to close down earlier this month with the loss of 700 jobs. It had massive credit problems which stemmed from it buying up the Music Zone chain.

HMV‘s spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: “Those stores actually were profitable and the Fopp brand – there’s a lot of customer interest in it, it was very appealing, and I think it was working strongly across the country, but some stores were purchased and maybe didn’t fit in with the original plans.”

“Where those members of staff are available we’ll certainly be looking to rehire them which hopefully will mean up to 70 jobs are saved.”

The six stores should open as soon as possible in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London‘s Covent Garden, Cambridge, Manchester and Nottingham, reports BBC 6 Music