Deerhunter robbed at gunpoint

Thieves take off with singer's belongings

Deerhunter were robbed at gunpoint following their show Friday night (July 27) in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

While sitting in their car, frontman Bradford Cox and guitarist Lockett Pundt were held up by gunmen, who took several of their personal belongings but left the men unharmed.

Cox posted the following message on Deerhunter‘s blog and MySpace page:

“We got a friendly homecoming surprise last night in Atlanta when Lockett and I got robbed at gunpoint after our show at Lenny’s last night. We literally had just walked off the stage and I was pretty wasted.

“I heard a commotion behind us but like I said I was pretty out of it. I just opened the door to the car and collapsed in the passenger seat. Then I heard all this yelling and I hear this loud metallic banging on the window and look up and there is a gun in my face and a guy yelling “get the fuck out the car man” I stumbled out and see the other guy has Lockett with his arms spread on the roof of his car and is patting him down.

Lockett was begging them to leave me alone. The guy put his gun up to my temple and said, ‘Give me EVERYTHING motherfucker I ain’t fucking with you.’ I just mumbled something and he put his hands in my pants and took everything I had. My cellphone, my wallet (empty except for credit/bank cards which Kristin immediately cancelled, and about 450 dollars in cash I had for my rent.) They also got all of Lockett’s money. They even took my fucking Camel Ultralights and Orange Bic. All I can say is that I’m glad we are not dead.”

Deerhunter are set to tour the US next month.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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