Fans invited to manage band

50,000 people will get to tell a band what to do

A new company is giving out the chance for fans to manage a new band.

VIP Band Manager is inviting 50,000 people to get shares in a group’s future.

Each member will take on the role of manager for the company’s new band and the members then get to vote online to decide on each detail of the band – like who are the members, and what tracks will go on their album.

It is free to register, and, according to a statement it claims to use “the power of the internet to enable people to become managers”.

Band members are being invited to audition for the new ground, with the winning band winning a £1 million deal, and the stewardship of the army of managers.

The band’s three targets are to achieve one million fans, stage a 12-date UK tour and get a Number One record. Progress will be charted via online TV bulletins.

The first 1,000 managers will get an invite to a VIP launch party. For more information go to