Young bands to get more rehearsal spaces

Former Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey backs new initiative

Young bands across the UK are set to get greater access to rehearsal spaces, after the government launched a new drive to aid musicians.

The scheme aims to provide low-cost rehearsal spaces for bands, based on a survey that found that nearly half the young people surveyed said they were put off being in bands because of the lack of local facilities or their large costs.

It is likely that the new rehearsal spaces will follow the example set by the scheme’s pilot project in Wrexham.

As part of the pilot a local building was donated by the council which, along with equipment from the Music Industries Association, was converted into a low-cost rehearsal room for local young bands.

Former Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey, who led a group looking into British music for the Department Of Media, Culture And Sport, has thrown his weight behind the project.

“It’s obvious that young musicians need somewhere decent to practice,” he said. “This scheme is about giving young people the confidence to play in front of an audience, and discover their music.”