Gatecrasher burns down

Sheffield nightclub collapses in massive fire

Nightclub Gatecrasher One partly collapsed in a massive fire yesterday (June 18).

Emergency crews were called to the two-storey nightclub in Sheffield last night, after several staff members who were inside the building called 999. No one was injured.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed 25 firefighters were at the scene tackling the blaze at its height.

Crowds gathered to watch as the fire took hold of the building, formerly one of country’s biggest nightclubs and the home of Gatecrasher since 1997.

The Arundel Street end of the building later collapsed, narrowly missing firefighters.

Student accommodation and a number of work places were evacuated by officers, who issued a warning to the public to keep windows and doors closed due to the fumes given off by the blaze.

Structural engineers were later called to the scene to survey the damage to the former warehouse, which was built almost a century ago.

The owners of the building have now told BBC News they intend to rebuild the club.

“We will be looking at how we rebuild the Gatecrasher One club, one of the cornerstones of the UK nightclub scene and our spiritual home, as quickly as possible,” said Gatecrasher Managing Director Simon Raine. “We want everyone to remember those memorable nights at Gatecrasher One from down the years, safe in the knowledge it will be back – bigger, brighter, louder and more brash – it will always be with you.”

He added that events scheduled to take place at the venue this summer will take place elsewhere.