The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins reunited with lost pet cat after three years

The Darkness frontman’s cat, Cully, has finally been found

The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins has been reunited with his long-lost pet cat three years after she went missing.

The 10-year-old Bengal, named Cully, was found living as a stray in Lowestoft, Suffolk last month, where Hawkins used to live, and was handed in to Cats Protection’s Anglia Coastal Branch.

A microchip scan revealed that Hawkins was in fact her owner, the Mirror reports.

The Darkness singer and guitar took a break from his tour in Switzerland to travel to the UK to collect Cully.

Justin said: “Losing Cully was heart-breaking for me and my family but I always knew in my heart that she was still alive – I could just feel it.

“She’s always loved the great outdoors. I periodically checked in with the relevant databases and kept my details up-to-date because I knew this day would come.”

Cat Protection volunteers arranged for Cully to have all the necessary vaccinations to be able to travel to Switzerland, where Hawkins now lives.

As a sign of his gratitude, Hawkins bought two microchip scanners for the Cats Protection branch.

Last year, Hawkins spok about the highs and lows of fame in an interview with NME. The British singer opened up about the “much-publicised sadness, drama and trauma” that the band has gone through since their debut ‘Permission To Land’ sold 1.5 million copies in 2003.