Mindbenders singer facing jail sentence

Wayne Fontana also rapped for appearing in court in fancy dress

Wayne Fontana, former singer in 60s pop band the Mindbenders, is facing a jail sentence after setting fire to a debt collector’s car.

Derby Crown Court heard that Fontana poured a bottle of petrol over a vehicle after bailiffs visited his home in Glossop, Derbyshire in February to speak to him about a warrant.

Bailiff Paul Stott told police that he opened his car door and asked the defendant: “What are you doing?”

It is claimed that Fontana then told the debt collector: “I am going to burn you,” and his Citroen became engulfed in flames.

The singer denied arson with intent to endanger life, claiming Mr Stott had escaped the vehicle before it set alight.

But he admitted arson being reckless to whether life is endangered, saying he did ignite the fuel and set the car on fire.

Judge Andrew Hamilton told Fontana he would be jailed but the length of the sentence is still to be decided.

Addressing the defence team, he added: “What your client did was a most serious offence. He did not know the car would not blow up immediately and kill this man. It seems to me it does not make the slightest bit of difference if he got out in one second, two seconds or three seconds.”

The judge also rapped Fontana for arriving at court dressed as the Lady Of Justice.

“He regards this whole procedure as a pantomime. He has come dressed as a fool and he wants to act like a fool – I hope they give him a prison uniform at Nottingham Prison to keep him warm,” he added.

The case has been adjourned until July and Fontana has been remanded in custody, reports BBC News.